Re-encounters: Literary Adaptations Through Experimental Art

Creative Capital artists Christopher Harris and Eric Gottesman will discuss their work.

urlHarris‘s award-winning experimental films include a long take look at a post-industrial urban landscape, an optically printed and hand-processed film about black outlaws, a pinhole film about the cosmic consequences of the sun’s collapse, a macro lens close up of a child’s nightlight and a double projection film about a theme park performance of Christ’s Passion.  Harris recently completed two multi-screen HD video installations that reenact and reimagine the slave daguerreotypes commissioned by Louis Agassiz in 1850.  He was awarded a 2015 Creative Capital grant in support of his upcoming film Speaking in Tongues.

Gottesman is a photographic artist and organizer. Central to his practice is collaboration. He uses photography, writing and film as vehicles to engage others in conversation and critical thought about the social structures that surround them, and him. He works slowly, often spending a long time in a community, and exhibits work locally first, to an audience determined by the co-creators of the work. He was named a 2015 Creative Capital Artist and is currently a Faculty Fellow at Colby College.