As part of a yearlong project between multiple theaters and producers in Central Florida, Valencia College Theater is presenting this docudrama, a form of documentary theater. The play, which was developed by Valencia’s theater department, pivots around the deaths of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., and Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, Fla.
After conducting more than 100 hours of interviews, theater students working in a special class created the docudrama, which explores the reaction to the events, the impact, fallout and legacy, as well as what “Division” means to American society today. Using the reactions and words of many individuals – lawyers, media personalities, political activists, professors, students and people intimately involved in the two tragedies — the play explores a wide variety of topics, including stereotypes, raising a child in today’s society, guns, media, as well as the gulf between division and change.
The play was written by John DiDonna, chair of Valencia’s theater department, in collaboration with students William Adkins, Aidan Bohan-Moulton, Carolyn Ducker, Phillip Edwards, Nathan Jones, Anneliese Moon, Elina Moon, Stelson Telfort and Michael Sabbagh.